EFS Network Management - March 2016 Microsoft Security Updates

March 2016 Microsoft Security Updates


Microsoft has released 13 security updates for the March monthly Security Update that address vulnerabilities in Microsoft software and operating systems. These vulnerabilities,  if exploited, may allow a remote attacker to take full control of an affected system.

EFS Network Management encourages everyone to check the Microsoft Security Bulletins MS16-023 through MS16-036 and update their systems.

Microsoft will release the latest security updates at a random time after the second Tuesday of the month which is March 8, 2016. If the computer has been setup for auto updating, these updates will automatically be installed. The purpose for these Microsoft security updates is to address issues that might allow an attacker or malicious code remote access to the system with full privileges.

Administrators should check their computer systems to make sure that auto updates are enabled on all computer systems. This will automatically install the critical security updates. Administrators should also check the systems for optional or recommended updates and install those updates as well.

There are no known issues with the updates at this time of this posting. As with any software update there maybe issues.

If issues do arise, please reboot the system to see if it will self-heal and recover. If it does not recover please open a EFS Network Management Support Request and we will take a look at the issues.