EFS Network Management - July 1st Weekly DHS US-CERT Security Summary

July 1st Weekly DHS US-CERT Security Summary

EFS Network Management encourages users and administrators to check the DHS US-Cert Security Bulletin below for software that might affect their business.

The Department of Homeland Security’s division of US-CERT (united States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) has released the latest weekly security notices for software that has new known security issues. SB16-193: Vulnerability Summary for the Week of July 4, 2016 listed all the details.



This week’s security notice covers the following software: Apache, Apple Airport, Cisco Firmware, IBM Power Management, Linux Kernel, Rumba, Openvswitch, PhPmyadmin, Google Chrome, and IBM Websphere.

Please expect that there maybe issues with the updates. There are no known issues at the release of this notice from DHS US-CERT.

If issues do arise, please reboot the system to see if it will self-heal and recover. If it does not recover please open a EFS Network Management Support Request and we will take a look at the issues or you can contact us for help.