EFS Network Management - DHS US-CERT Ransomware and Recent Variants

DHS US-CERT Ransomware and Recent Variants

EFS Network Management encourages users and administrators to check the DHS US-CERT Security Bulletin below on Ransomware and Recent Variants  that might affect your business.

The Department of Homeland Security’s division of US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) has released the latest security notice TA16-091A: Ransomware and Recent Variants. This article listed all the details.



US-CERT has updated their documentation on the rise of Ransomware.  They describe what it is, why it is so effective, the variants, type of Malware, impacts, solutions recommendations, and references to key resources.

It is important to understand what they are,  how it may affect users and businesses and how to protect computers systems the best that you can.

If faced with a ransomware issue, please open a EFS Network Management Support Request We will take a look at the issue or you can contact us for help.