EFS Network Management - TWiT Security Now 568: Questions & Answers

TWiT Security Now 568: Questions & Answers

EFS Network Management encourages administrators and users to check the latest video podcast of Security Now.

This week Steve Gibson of GRC talks about Facebook Messenger adds “Secret Conversations”, Putin vs. the Internet, the fate of Russian-based VPN endpoints, Russian hackers compromising iOS devices. Steve’s follow-up to the Lenovo SMM hack, is sharing your Netflix password illegal? He then talks about Post-quantum crypto testing in Chrome, reconsidering anti-virus add-ons, Pokemon Go woes, and a possible defense against CryptoMalware.



If you apply any of the updates mentioned in this podcast as with any software update there maybe issues. There are no known issues with the updates at this time of this posting.

If issues do arise, please reboot the system to see if it will self-heal and recover. If it does not recover please open a EFS Network Management Support Request and we will take a look at the issues or you can contact us for help.