Security Now 571: Phishing & Filtering

Security Now 571: Phishing & Filtering

Steve Gibson of GRC discusses the latest in security issues with LastPass vulnerabilities, new wireless keyboard headaches, deprecating SMS as a second authentication factor, obtaining Windows 10 for free after July, the pervasive problem with website spoofing, and the power and application of multi-interface packet filtering.

Details of this episode with links and additional information can be found in the Security Now # 571 show notes. A transcript and audio versions of the show are also available.

We are on the eve of DEF CON 24, Aug 4-7, 2016, which is a black hat, white hat and grey hat hacker convention in Las Vegas. It has been traditional that during the conference and after a conference a number of new exploits are revealed. It is important that users and administrators update their systems to the current known security patches to mitigate issues that may come from new exploits.

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