Symantec releases the Latest Intelligence report for July 2016

Symantec releases the Latest Intelligence report for July 2016

Symantec released the latest Intelligence report for July 2016 stating a major increase in email phishing attacks on the manufacturing industry from June.

The Neutrino toolkit attacks doubled from 10.7 in June to 21.5% in July.

This report is an analysis of cyber security threats, trends, and insights about malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks.

EFS Network Management encourages administrators and users to check the Symantec’s Latest Intelligence Report for July 2016.

Spam has increased from 52.7% in June to 53.2% in July.

Manual Sharing scams has increased slightly but is up to a whooping 83 percent of Mobile and Social Media scams. Fake offers were down to 11.85%. Like Jacking was down at 3.09%. Fakes Apps was up to 1.61%. FakePlugin was up a bot to 0.02% to round out the top five for social media.

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