Security Now 573: Memory & Micro Kernels

Steve Gibson of GRC discusses the latest in security issues. He talking about the Microsoft “Golden Key”, AdBlock, unblock, counter-unblock and counter-counter-unblock. Leo talks about Avast A/V. Steve talks about a mistake with the Internet IP Protocol, a change to Microsoft Windows Update Policies, a cool way for developers to decrypt and inspect local TLS traffic, trouble with the Windows Identity leak mitigation, micro kernels and Intel’s memory breakthrough.

Details of this episode with links and more information are found in the Security Now #573 show notes. A transcript and audio versions of the show are also available.

Steve talks about how there has been a lot of misreported hack of Microsoft’s golden key. The hack was about the Microsoft Secure Boot and how it affects older Microsoft Operating systems. Facebook is trying to bypass Adblock. Adblock has defeated Facebook’s bypass.

Steve reviews the Linux TCP side channel attack that is part of RFC 5691 from a third-party which could allow hijacking of traffic and data injection.

Microsoft simplifies Windows Update by rolling all updates into large updates. However it will no longer allow individual selection of individual updates. It is and all or nothing approach. Microsoft will now support Skylake for all security updates, which previously were not.

Wireshark will not allow the ability to decrypt TSL traffic.

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