EFS Network Management is a small business that provides expert IT support and application development services to our small business clients that cannot afford to have a full-time IT staff member.

EFS Network Management was founded in 1989 in Columbus, Ohio by Patrick Enlow. The company provided database development, application integrations, network documentation, network and telecommunication management support for American pharmaceutical and healthcare product companies.

In 1997, the company expanded its services to provide support for legal and commercial real estate businesses.

In 1999, EFS Network Management participated in beta testing and development with Microsoft on what was then called “Next Generation Windows Services” which is now know as .NET and ASP.NET respectively.

Also in 1999, the company began providing support for mobile devices like the Qualcomm Digital PCS Smartphone with integrated Palm PDA and the Vadem Clio a Handheld tablet PC that ran Windows CE H/PC Pro 3.0.

In 2002, construction firms and medical practice support were added to EFS’ support and management capabilities.

In 2004, EFS was among the first companies to offer cloud based management and services, long before it was called the cloud.

In 2007, Mac computers and iPhone support were added to the company’s tech support offerings. Also Linux, Ubuntu, Unix and other Linux varieties were added to the support portfolio.

In 2009, Android was another mobile platform added to the support team.

In 2010, we expanded our support of the number of cloud based services for our customers to handle email, documents, files, remote access, accounting, and offsite file management.

In 2014, EFS is once again growing and expanding to provide high quality, professional IT support services for its customers.

As traditional client server models began to decline, cloud based services have begun to grow rapidly. EFS Network Management has always been an early adopter and supporter of new and emerging technologies. EFS uses the very same hardware and software that our customers use.

EFS prides itself on maintaining a small customer base in order to provide high quality services with dedicated support engineers that know the customer’s business and needs intimately.

We greatly appreciate our customers’ long-term relationships and look forward to even longer relationships as technology continues to evolve.